Contact persons

Contact persons

At the SLC, we give top priority to a comprehensive customer service. Your contact persons will provide you an offer customized to your specific requirements.

If certain benefits for your order processing are not listed here, be sure to contact us. We will find a solution.

SLC Steel Logistics Centre GmbH
Ölhafen Lobau - Uferstraße 22, 1220 Vienna, Austria

For specific inquiries, please directly contact one of the below addresses our partner companies:

Jepsen Nittendorf
Jepsen Stahl GmbH
An der Brunnenwiese 2 | D-93152 Nittendorf
Phone: +49 (0)9404/9504-0*
E-Mail infojepsen-stahlde

H-Metall GmbH
Krakauerstraße 25 St.6 / 6.02 | A-1020 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)1/290 28 12-0*
E-Mail r.hutkaih-metallat


Weyland GmbH
Haid 26 | A-4780 Schärding
Phone: +43 (0)7712/9001-0*
E-Mail stahlweylandat

Special formats and high-strength steels can be cut for steel manufacturers by SLC on request. Please contact us!

Wehlistraße 154/26 | A-1020 WienTel.: +43 (0)1/290 28 12-0*E-Mail info@jepsen-stahl.atInternet: